Bath Time Baby Doll 13"

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Ages 1+

Splish splash! Step aside, rubber ducky, there's a new best friend in the tub!

It has a soft and cuddly body, fresh baby-powder-scented vinyl, and a pair of bright blue eyes that open and close. Meanwhile, it has everything it needs for endless fun in the tub.

Not to mention, its body is made with a special quick-drying material so it can splash in the water worry-free!

100% washable and wonderfully durable - Discover a new best friend for bath time with the BathTime Baby.

BathTime Baby - Ducky
  • 13-inch baby doll designed for bath time
  • Encourages nurturing skills, imaginative play
  • Beautifully detailed vinyl head, arms, legs - eyes that open and close - scented with baby powder
  • Cuddly body made with special QuickDri material
  • Baby doll can suck its thumb!
  • Ducky bathrobe features ribbon for tying around doll's waist
  • Includes baby doll in swimsuit, bathrobe, washcloth
  • 100% machine washable
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability


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