BBQ Picnic Set Elephant Girl 3+

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Ages 3+

Miriam has invited all her friends over for a barbecue! She gave some food to each of her friends and said "I hope you enjoy it!". But, when she went to eat her share, she realized that she'd given all the food to her friends. But, not to worry! Aidan cuddle Bear has shared some corn - her favorite!


The BBQ Picnic features Elephant girl Miriam in an exclusive outfit, along with accessories to enjoy pretend barbecue play. This set comes with a figure and furniture and accessories for barbecuing and can be played with on its own. Have your figure cook food on the grill using various ingredients, and eat at the table and chairs with colorful plates. After the last bite, fold up the table and chairs, close the barbecue lid to enjoy again another day.

*Stimulates imaginative role-playing for children.
*Suitable for ages three years and above.

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