Castle Logix 3+

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Ages 3+

Castle Logix is a puzzle game where you need to combine logic, spatial insight and fine motor skills to solve 48 challenges to make your creation match the image on the card. Combine towers and blocks of different heights and sizes to create a variety of castle shapes.

1) Choose a challenge.

2) Arrange the blocks and towers to build your castle. 

3) Check your solution on the flipside of each challenge page.

A) The game consists of 4 blocks and 3 towers, each in different lengths. Each block has one or more holes to allow you to slide in the towers. But the holes are in a different place on every block!  

B) Your castle must be stable and so must stand on its own without help.

C) Each block must be positioned with one of its printed sides facing you.

D) Although the smallest block has the same red print on its front and back, the orientation of the prints around its hole is different! Depending on your challenge, rotating it enables you to either slide a tower into the block or stand a tower on top of it! Look carefully at your challenge as it is often not immediately obvious what you need to build.



You won’t help your kids by building the challenges yourself! It’s much more constructive to prompt them into action by asking questions like: ‘Where do you think the big tower could go?’ Start building each castle by using all the blocks first. Next, decide where the biggest tower goes, then the medium-sized tower and lastly the smallest one. If a challenge seems too hard, turn to the solution and try working backwards from there. Looking at the solution to help build the castle, children learn new building techniques helping them understand more fully what is and what isn’t permitted in this game.

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