Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit 10+

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Start experimenting with the Cool Blue Light Kit and feed your scientific curiosity by exploring the world of chemiluminescence.
Learn the science behind how fireflies glow with eleven different luminescent experiments that enlighten your mind with things you never knew existed.
Make a penny glow, create a hemoglobin detector, explore the quantum leap, dabble in sugar triboluminescence, and be amazed by the enlightening cool blue light.
All supplies needed for each enlightening experiment are included and easy-to-follow instructions make experimenting fun and easy.
Discover the fascinating illuminated world around you with the Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit.

Cool Blue Light Kit
A science experiment kit for learning about chemiluminescence
Encourages following directions, science education, logic
11 illuminating experiments, enlightening and fun
Make a hemoglobin detector, a penny glow, the quantum leap, sugar triboluminescence, cool blue light
Learn the science behind how lightning bugs glow
Includes everything needed to conduct all experiments
Package contains luminol mixture, perborate mixture, copper sulfate, rack, vial, cups, stirrers, scoops, pipet
Detailed instruction book included
Materials are safe when used as directed
Adult supervision recommended
Made in the U.S.A.

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