Unstable Unicorns: Kids Edition 6+

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  • 2-6 players
  • Ages 6+
  • 15-45 minute playtime

Introduce younger players to a magical world of Unicorns and strategy games with Unstable Unicorns for Kids! Our team has designed all-new artwork, cards, and characters to delight our littlest gamers while remaining fun and engaging for parents.

Welcome to the world of Unstable Unicorns! In this game, you’ll take turns collecting Unicorns and using Magic. The first person to collect 7 Unicorns wins the game!

This charming game box contains 80 cards and 1 rule book.

Unstable Unicorns for Kids features eight Colorful Unicorn card themes, including Hero, Animal, Princess, Space, Sports, Goofy, Rainbow, and Fantasy. With cards like Sock Puppet Unicorn, Astronaut Unicorn, and Mermaid Princess Unicorn, the game has a unique unicorn (a uniquecorn, if you will) for everyone!

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