Craft-tastic Fortune Bracelets 8+

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Ages 8+

Leave your style up to fate!

Kids start by folding the seven sheets of printed paper to turn them each into a unique fortune teller. Then, they use the fortune tellers to decide every aspect of the bracelet they’ll be making.

Will it be filled with animals? Will it be modern? Funky? Royal? Beachy? – It’s all up to the fates to decide!

With enough materials to make up to 40 unique and colorful bracelets, the DIY Fortune Bracelets kit is a beautifully open-ended solo, gift-making, or party activity that’s sure to make anyone smile.


Includes 7 printed paper fortune tellers, 4 pieces of cardstock, 24.5 yards elastic thread, 351 beads, 16 dimensional stickers, 8 metal rings, wire threader. Detailed instruction booklet included

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