DIY Nancy's Bake Shop 14+

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Whether this is your first 3D miniature kit or you are looking to expand your already existing craft collection, this tiny dollhouse bakery will keep you busy as you design and create the perfect little space with tiny baguettes, cozy seating and signage.

  • REAL LED LIGHTS: To make our rooms look as realistic as possible, we include light fixtures with tiny LED bulbs to illuminate each little room. This vibrant and cozy lighting will add the finishing touch to your room, table, shelf, or showcase. Comes with an instruction book with illustrations to give you an idea of the possibilities. Battery Included.
  • ¬†TINY FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES: This model bakery comes equipped with all the materials and tools you need to recreate just like the photo, and much more to give you a detail-oriented and well-furnished feel to your tiny space. With such amazing decor and details, this modern DIY bakery is sure to impress.
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