DIY Miniature Kit 14+

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Ages 14+

  • 3D WOODEN PUZZLE KIT – Ready to amaze your friends and family with this fun to build 3D Wooden Puzzle? It looks just like the picture when put together! Choose your favorite musical Instrument designs or collect them all! These laser-cut puzzles are DIY, so your kid gets to put it together as a fun hobby activity that is also mentally stimulating and can be displayed as home decor.
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC – Made of high quality safe, environmentally friendly plywood materials that have grooved edges with smooth finish and no jagged edges. The fact that our supplies are non-toxic and safe for the environment is an added bonus. It’s crafted with care to be long-lasting and durable. Each puzzle comes with easy-to-punch-out pieces from wooden sheets with easy to follow step by step assembly instructions.
  • HIGH QUALITY UNIQUE DESIGNS – These modern wooden puzzles are beautifully crafted and once assembled, becomes fun 3D display pieces. It comes with laser-cut wooden puzzle pieces with a piece of sandpaper included to help pieces fit better. Assemble into a stunning piano with a lid you can open or close and designed with fine, delicate details to bring to life. With such cool decor and details that is also a stimulating and educational activity for children, these 3D puzzles are sure to impress.
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