DIY Miniature Kit: Sunshine Town 14+

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Ages 14+

  • BOOK NOOK SHELF INSERT – Decorate your bookshelves with a lovely book nook insert. This miniature book nook kit displays detailed atmospheric scenes and is one of 3 book nook kits. Choose from Sakura Tram, Sunshine Town, and Time Travel. Made of high-quality materials crafted with care to be long-lasting, these book nooks are DIY so you can put them together as a fun hobby. 
  • ENCHANTING DESIGN – Add an enchanting scene to your bookshelf with this illuminated shelf insert. A mirrored backing gives the illusion of an endless scene, while the LED lamps add warmth and life. It’s a charming choice for home décor to put on any bookshelf or desktop in your home, and it’s also an excellent activity for anyone, whether or not you are a hobbyist or artsy crafty person. Sit down with the whole family and enjoy some DIY crafting fun that guarantees a beautiful, finished product.
  • TOUCH-ACTIVATED LED LIGHTS – The DIY miniature book nook kit includes light fixtures with tiny LED bulbs to illuminate each little room. This vibrant and cozy lighting will add a magical finishing touch to your book nook and bring it to life on your shelves. Each kit has LED lights, wiring, and a battery box, along with detailed instructions to make assembly as simple as possible! 2 AAA batteries are required. Please note that batteries are not included in these kits.
  • BEAUTIFUL DECOR – This model has laser-cut pieces and printed designs for a more realistic miniature scene. Textured material gives an illusion of flowing water, and the mirror backing elongates the scene. With such amazing decor and details, this modern DIY house will impress. It’s an elegant display piece with delicate details and is durable and sturdy to last you a long time. It’s especially perfect for book lovers to decorate their shelves alongside books.
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