Dragon Market

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Ages 7+

2-4 Players

Play time: 40 Minutes

Princess Xue, Princess of Dragon Bay will get married next weekend. To honor her, you have sent your little Heir to the Dragon Market to pick up the presents you want to offer. For him, it is far from being a chore, he will finally be allowed to run and jump from boat to boat to recover all the wonders before the heirs of other families.

Collect the Merchandise pictured on your Objective Card and return to your pontoon to keep the item safe. The first player to complete 2 Objective Cards wins the game.

CONTENTS: 1 board, 10 Boats, 4 Heirs (colored pawns), 2 Dice, 40 Merchandise tokens, 12 Coins, 13 Red Objective Cards, 10 Blue Objective Cards

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