Easter Celebration Set 3+

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Ages 3+

*Easter Celebration Set with Marguerite Rabbit children in fresh and colorful spring-themed outfits. Includes Marguerite Rabbit girl, Marguerite Rabbit boy (both in special outfits), Easter eggs and other accessories.
*The included candy can be put inside the eggs to set up a festive Easter egg hunt.
*The figures are wearing special outfits with matching marguerite brooches.
*Suitable for use as decorative ornaments.
*Introducing the Marguerite Rabbit girl, Serena, and Marguerite Rabbit boy Romeo.



  • Marguerite Rabbit girl
  • Marguerite Rabbit boy
  • Rabbit Egg (Top)
  • Rabbit Egg (Bottom)
  • Egg (Blue - Top)
  • Egg (Blue - Bottom)
  • Egg (Yellow - Top)
  • Egg (Yellow - Bottom)
  • Candy A, Candy B, Candy C
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