Hit List Game 12+

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Correctly shout out as many answers that match your category list before the timer runs out. The more items your team correctly names, the more scoring tokens you earn.
That team has a player (“the reader”) draw a card from the deck (without showing it to anyone else). The other team flips the sand-timer and the reader announces the category at the top of the card.
The reader’s teammates start shouting out answers to match the category. For each one they name that’s on the list the reader announces, “Hit! ” and reveals a scoring token (or two tokens if the pink item is guessed).

Turn Ends: When the sand timer runs out, or all 6 items on the list have been correctly guessed. Jot down the sum of the points on the tokens that were flipped over. If any items remain on the list, the other team gets one chance to guess a remaining item on the card (and collect a scoring token if they guess correctly).

Game Ends: Once each player has been the reader twice. Total up the score. Most points wins.

4+ Players   15mins.   Ages 12+


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