IQ Stixx Puzzle Game 7+

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Ages 9+

5 horizontal pieces need to fit on top of 5 vertical ones. Can you criss-cross the sticks so the cut out notches fit together in this travel friendly puzzle game with 120 sticky challenges?

How to play:

1. Place the sticks on the game board as shown in the challenge: the correct orientation of each vertical stick is indicated by a number on the top side. Horizontally placed sticks show a letter on the left side.

2. Place all remaining sticks on the game board. 2 cut-outs cannot be placed on top of each other (nor 2 sticks without cut-outs).

3. You have found the one and only solution when all 10 sticks fit on the game board. Solutions can be found at the end of the challenge booklet.

  • Includes:  game board, 10 puzzle pieces (sticks), booklet with 120 challenges and solutions
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