Mischief Maker Slingshot Classic 4+

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Ages 4+

The Slingshot: a truly classic toy. The kind of toy that brings out the kid in all of us. Good ‘ol fashioned fun. The Mischief Maker Slingshot is made from real wood for an authentic feel and is designed to only shoot soft foam balls. The soft foam ball is held in place until shot out of the slingshot. Super easy to use. The full-color design looks amazing in the hand, popping out of a pocket or awaiting the next adventure on the bookshelf. So go ahead, make a little mischief with your very own Mischief Maker Slingshot!


  • Made from Non-Toxic Wood: Each slingshot is screen printed in beautiful colors on both the front and the back then finished with a water-based varnish
  • Foam Launch Pegs: Holds a soft foam ball securely in place. Allowing you to run around and seek out an unsuspecting target.
  • Choose Your Target: Hone in, take aim, pull back the foam hammer and let the ball fly! Reload and repeat for endless hours of fun!
  • Drawstring Storage Bag: Comes with each slingshot. Makes cleaning up easy and your slingshot and balls are ready to take on the next adventure.


  • Available in 4 different colors
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