Munch Mitt

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Ages 3-12 months

The Munch Mitt is the original, mom-created teething mitten that babies love. A ‘handy’ solution for infants of all ages and sizes, the Munch Mitt provides relief from teething pain in a safe, easy-to-clean product that goes wherever they do.


Babies from the age of 2 months and up are learning to grip as well as understanding the use of their fingers. We leave one hand free to help baby explore the Munch Mitt as well as to guide it to the mouth. Using one mitt in this manner helps baby learn hand/eye, hand/mouth coordination and stimulates their problem-solving skills while learning to maneuver it. The Munch Mitt is designed so that it can be worn on either hand, based on your baby's preference. Simply flip it over and ensure that the "thumb" teething area is facing the baby's mouth.

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