Pokemon Trainer Trivia Game

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Ages 7+

1 to 4 players

15 minutes play time

Who will be the best Pokémon Trainer? Pokémon Trainer Trivia has 1,000 questions to turn you and your friends into real Pokémon experts! Choose your Pokémon and start to battle! True or false? Be the first to press your Pokémon to give your answer! If you're right, all the other Pokémon lose 2 points. If not, your Pokémon loses 2 points! Be the trainer with the most points to win the game! 

Try to beat your top score in Single Player Mode or challenge your friends in Multiplayer Mode! The Pokémon Trainer Game Master takes care of everything... from explaining the rules, to asking the questions, to keeping the scores. It’s so easy to play!

  • Test your Pokémon knowledge with Trainer Trivia game
  • 1,000 questions to become a real Pokémon expert!
  • 2 Play Modes: Single and Multiplayer
  • 3 Play Levels: Beginner, Advanced, Expert
  •  Contents include Virtual Game Master, Instructions Manual, 3 AAA Batteries
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