Rabbit's Hat Magic Tricks Assorted 6+

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Ages 6+

Each small top hat contains the props and instructions to perform two or three simple, unique magic tricks with different themes — from shape-shifting to mind-reading to x-ray vision, and more!

Each hat is about 4 inches across and sits in the palm of the hand. Stocking stuffer sized. Not a real hat to be worn on the head.

This magic hat selection is a random assortment.

A magician is nothing without her hat, and with these hats you too can become a master magician. Aspiring magicians ages six and up can take their show on the road with these portable mini magic kits. 

Astound your audience by morphing handkerchiefs into eggs. See through solid objects. Read your audience’s mind. Cut a rope and magically heal it again. Make objects vanish and reappear in different places. Pass spikes through solid objects. Collect all eight hats and perfect your command of the magical arts! Having trouble mastering a specific trick? Online video tutorials are also available!

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