Sound Activated Dancing Lights 8+

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Ages 5+

  • DAZZLING LIGHT STRUCTURES – Let your imagination run wild building 3D light structures that react to your voice or music! Build dazzling displays of colorful lights that light up in different colors and dance when you play music or speak to it.
  • COMPLETE SET – This building blocks kit includes a voice/sound controller module, color-changing lamp module, battery block, and 25 transparent plastic spacers. The spacers allow for endless possibilities in creating light structures.
  • COMPATIBILITY – Compatible with our Circuit Blox and Power Blox lines, LEGO, and other major brick brands.
  • STEM TOY – Designed to stimulate creativity and teach kids to investigate the world through creative reasoning and the systematic building of objects. Kids will get to innovate as they plug together bricks and modules to create their own toys and games.
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