Bowl Builder X-Connect Park Creator 6+

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Ages 6+


  • CUSTOMIZABLE PARK: Design and build your custom mini skateboard park with the Tech Deck Bowl Builder X-Connect Park Creator skatepark ramp set. Set up different combinations with a bowl corner, funbox, panels, coping and ramps to learn and progress your tricks.
  • EXCLUSIVE FINGERBOARD: Add to your finger skateboard collection and skate your creation with the exclusive Enjoi Skateboards fingerboard included in the set.
  • X-CONNECT PARK CREATOR: Jump the box, carve the corner, slide the coping or set up or customize the Bowl Builder in any way you like, for use with Tech Deck fingerboard or BMX collections (each sold separately).
  • Includes:
    • 1 Tech Deck Fingerboard
    • 1 Bowl Ramp
    • 1 Small Ramp
    • 1 Ramp
    • 1 Small Box
    • 1 Box
    • 1 Panel
    • 1 Tech Deck Panel
    • 1 Coping
    • 9 X-Connectors
    • 5 Large X-Connectors
    • 9 Foot Pegs
    • 1 Instruction Sheet
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