Klutz Wild About Horses 6+

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Ages 6+

Learn all the essentials of caring, loving, and riding horses-with your very own model horse. From what they eat to how they sleep, the photo-filled book covers everything a budding horse-lover wants to know about their favorite animal. Then, test your new knowledge and skills by crafting a cozy blanket and tiny tack from faux leather. With simple projects and lots of learning, this kit is a guaran-steed hit!

  • 36-page book of nonfiction content and step-by-step instructions for craft projects
  • Comes with a collector-quality plastic horse ready to be pampered, with tiny metal stirrups, a faux leather saddle, and more!
  • Learn everything about horses, from what their neighs mean to how to properly put on tack


What You Can Make

  • Craft a cozy blanket and tiny tack from faux leather
  • Make jumps and prize ribbons out of papercraft
  • Plus, learn ALL about horses including horse anatomy, types & breeds, what they eat, and tons more!


Everything You Need To Get Started

Comes with all the crafting materials you need:

  • 36-page book
  • Model horse
  • Precut faux leather pieces
  • Faux leather ribbon
  • Girth, Bit, and Stirrups
  • Felt
  • Sticker sheet
  • Sticky dots


Crystal Clear Instructions

The 36-page book is chock full of information for every horse lover. First, get to know your model horse by naming your new friend and learning their characteristics. Then, you'll learn all about horse anatomy, the markings that make each horse unique, and types & breeds.

Now that you're an expert, it's time to properly "tack up" your horse and craft some accessories! Then, we'll walk you through the appropriate riding attire for safety and style.

The step-by-step instructions and illustrations throughout the kit take you through every aspect of caring for a horse. This is truly a horse lover's dream!

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