Wild Scenes 4+

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Ages 4+

Grow & Play - Plant the seeds and grow a habitat to play in with your animals in this Wild Scenes playset kit!

Each animal kit comes with different seeds:

Elephant: Mustard Seeds

Panda: Dill Seeds

Orangutan: Coriander Seeds

  • Sustainable - Wild Scenes are made with recycled plastics, and the growing alongside play helps children learn to care for the environment.
  • Early Conservation - Introduces kids to the idea of environmental conservation!
  • Learn About animals - The instructions include interesting facts about each animal and how they live! This toy comes with planting and assembly instructions.
  • Ready to Plant - All you need is dirt and some water to begin growing and playing! Comes with an adul animal, a baby animal, decorative habitat, a planter, seeds, and a fact guide.
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