Wind Powered Motor Glider 14+

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Age 14+
The PlaySTEAM Wind Powered Motor Glider is an exciting and interactive way to teach kids the concept of wind turbine electricity. The wind powered motor glider lives up to its name; the turbines motion, generated by natural wind, powers the graceful glider and an LED. The glider sits perched atop the wind turbine, designed to resemble the full scale inspiration, while charging. This set includes a glider, wind vane, propeller, rotor blades and generator. Assemble and use the fun this model creates to teach the possible applications of wind powered electricity.
  • Teaches students about wind turbine electricity
  • Convert wind into electricity to power an airplane
  • Includes a 35-page learning booklet
  • Learn about how wind turbines can be used for powering your home 
  • (1) Glider
  • (1) Wind turbine charger
  • (1) Learning booklet
Needed to complete:
  • Small cross head screwdriver
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