Animal Enclosure 4+

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Ages 4+

Add-on Animal Enclosure set. In addition to the newly developed pot-bellied pigs, the set includes a cow with calf, a sheep with lamb and a goat with kid.
There is still room on your farm? Then let these great farm animals move in with you. Cow, goat, sheep and pot-bellied pig are looking forward to a cozy home in the barn and on the pasture, where they are cared for. The large organic farm from PLAYMOBIL invites children aged 4 and up to discover a new side of country life. The richly detailed sets with lovely characters inspire kids to imaginative roleplay adventures and encourage a mindful use of our natural resources. This charming animal toy set includes a cow with calf, a goat with kid, a sheep with lamb, as well as two pot-bellied pigs and two birds.
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