Bohnanza 12+

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Ages 12+

2-7 players

Bohnanza is a card game from Rio Grande Games that is all about planting, trading and selling 11 different kinds of beans. Players try to collect and plant various types of beans to sell for gold, offering plenty of interactive fun. There are always new beans to plant, and each player has limited growing space in the Bohnanza bean game. To avoid planting unwanted beans, players trade among themselves in an effort to plant the bean of highest value and collect the most coins. Harvest some fun with this game of strategy and negotiation. The family card game is designed for two to seven players, making it an ideal option for parties and game-night fun. It is easy to store the game when not in use with its compact size. The cards have a high-quality material that's made to last.

Bohnanza Game:

  • Classic Euro game
  • For 2-7 players
  • Bohnanza bean game has lots of replay value
  • Game is all about planting, trading and selling beans
  • Players try to collect large sets of beans to sell for gold
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