Do a Dot 6 pack Paints 3+

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Ages 3+

The ideal first-time coloring experience!

Rather than trying to master handwriting right off the bat, young ones simply grab the large bottle-like pens and poke the paper to create vibrant dots that become stunning works of art.

Start simple with the primary colors of the Rainbow Set. Explore the intricacies of color with the unique hues of the Brilliant Set. 

Each marker features a no-spill, no-splash bottle full of nontoxic, quick-drying ink with a sponge tip that never dries out. And there's enough ink in each pack of six to create over 1,000 projects!

First-time coloring becomes endlessly enjoyable and totally frustration-free with the delightful Do-A-Dot Markers.


RAINBOW: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

BRILLIANT: Pink, Yellow, Bright Green, Teal, Violet, Brown

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