Doctor On Call 3+

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Ages 3+

For aspiring doctors and nurses, this set has plenty of features to help ensure your patients are healthy! Perform a full check up with the heart rate monitor, checklist, thermometer, cream, injection and a stethoscope. Check your patients' blood pressure, listen to their heartbeat with the stethoscope and apply some healing cream. Keep your mini medical professional entertained as they develop their confidence and imagination through role play! There are so many stories your child can come up with as they diagnose and heal their ‘patients’.


  • LEARN THROUGH PLAY: Perfect for encouraging imagination, role play and language skills.
  • GAIN CONFIDENCE: Gives your child confidence when visiting a real doctor by making them familiar with medical equipment.
  • ORGANIZED PLAYTIME: With a bag included, your little one can easily tidy up and carry their kit around.
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