Hoot or Toot 4+

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Ages 4+

You've probably heard an owl hoot. But... have you ever heard one toot?

Shake the little owl and listen carefully to the sound it makes - was it a hoot or a toot? - then flip over one of the tokens on the table.

If the token you flipped matches the sound, you get to keep it as a point. If it doesn't match, flip it back over - but remember where it was.

The first player to collect six tokens in six colors wins the game!

Tickle their ribs and strengthen their minds with the giggle-inducing memory game of Hoot or Toot.

Hoot or Toot

  • Memory game of matching tokens with hoots or toots
  • Encourages listening skills, memory skills, matching skills
  • Shake the owl to make it hoot or toot
  • Flip over a tile - if it matches the sound, keep it
  • First to collect 6 tokens, each of a different color, wins the game
  • Includes owl toy, 36 cardboard tokens
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • Batteries included
  • High-quality materials and construction - Exceptional gameplay
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