Horse Stall with Amelia and Whisper 4+

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Age 5+
Amelia looks after the guest horses at Waterfall Ranch and is also known as the animal whisperer by her friends. In the horse stall of her magnificent Paso Fino stallion Whisper, whose mane and tail can be combed and styled, there are therefore several other animals who want to make friends with the empathetic girl. Whisper, just like its owner, loves to romp around the Waterfall Ranch with the alpaca mom and her baby. Currently, however, he is caring for an orphaned foal who is all shaky on his long legs and needs the closeness of another horse in addition to Amelia's care.
    Fun Fact: While riding through Waterfall's woods, Amelia and Whisper often arouse the interest of small woodland animals, who sometimes even follow them.
Join the exciting new horse world from PLAYMOBIL at the picturesque Waterfall Ranch at the foot of the White Mountains. There, the five best friends Amelia, Isabella, Zoe, Ellie and Ben spend every free minute together with their horses and experience exciting adventures. Amelia loves animals more than anything and is a real animal whisperer. She cares not only for her stallion Whisper, but also for all the other animals that need help or petting.
      • Charmingly designed horse toy with a PLAYMOBIL figure, animal friend Amelia, horse Whisper, a foal, an alpaca with baby, riding accessories and many other extras for exciting role play
        • Great play fun for all horse fans: the horse's mane and tail can be combed and styled with the included accessories
          • All playsets of the new PLAYMOBIL horse world consist on average of over 80% recycled and bio-based materials


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