ItCoinz Spinner and Game Board 5+

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Ages 5+

Each pack includes a magnetic gameboard, 5 ItCoinz, and a stainless steel spinner/slammer. The package can be used to prop up the game board at a nice angle.

What do you do with all that stuff? Toss the magnetic itcoinz onto the board and score points, kinda like darts or axe throwing. There are tons of gameplay variations. Make up your own games! Try stacking them up and dropping the slammer on them and scoring points based on where they land. Or put them on the spinner and fling them onto the board.  Battle your friends.

This is an easy tossing, slamming, spinning game without complicated rules and you can make up your own games and rules any time. 


ItCoinz are glossy magnetic disks about the size of a half dollar with collectible, high rez images. Trade them with friends. Stick them to lockers and fridges. Take them anywhere!

The spinner:
The spinner is a weighty stainless steel disk that will spin for about 12 minutes if you time it right. Use it to spin ItCoinz or slam stacks of them. Think of it like the "big ball" in marbles or the Slammer in "Pogs" if you remember those classic games!


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