Jumping Arena with Zoe and Blaze 4+

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Ages 5+

Zoe wants to become the best show jumper in Waterfall. To achieve this, she trains every day with her Trakehner gelding Blaze, whose combed mane and tail look particularly splendid when she jumps the pole barrier. To prepare for the next show, ground work is also important for show jumpers. Overcoming obstacles such as soft poles and cones, strengthens the bond between horse and rider. At the end of the course training, Blaze is rewarded by Zoe with a crisp apple.
    Fun Fact: Zoe may have been accepted as the youngest member of the Luckyville Horse Academy, but she never misses a riding lesson at Waterfall Ranch with her best friends.
The idyllic Waterfall Ranch is at the heart of the detailed new horse world from PLAYMOBIL. There, the five best friends Amelia, Isabella, Zoe, Ellie, and Ben spend every free minute together with their horses and experience exciting adventures. Zoe has ambitious goals: She wants to become the best show jumper in Waterfall and trains diligently every day with her beloved gelding Blaze. The two are a well-coordinated team and effortlessly take every obstacle on the riding course.
• Charmingly designed horse toy set with PLAYMOBIL figure Zoe and her horse Trakehner gelding Blaze, saddle, bridle and reins, hair clips, and many other great extras for riding training.
• Great horse styling: the horse's mane and tail can be combed and styled over and over again with the included accessories
• All playsets of the new PLAYMOBIL horse world consist on average of over 80% recycled and bio-based materials


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