Octopus Catamaran Water Toy 2+

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Cast off! Boatloads of fun on the high seas is pre-programmed with this wooden catamaran. Equipped with two hulls, a sail, and a deck for kids' action figures, nothing can stand in the way of a sailing voyage through the bathtub, the kid's pool, or the swimming pool! For a longer product lifespan, take it out of the water and dry it thoroughly after every use.

  • This catamaran is made of robust wood and really floats
  • Promotes role-playing in children and reduces rejection of bathing in water-shy children
  • Thanks to its compact size, this swimming toy fits easily in every swimming bag
  • This swimming toy is decorated with a cute octopus¬†
  • Ideal for visits to the lake, the beach, the pool, or the bathtub
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