Plui Weather Set 3+

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Ages 3+

Rainclouds and sunshine become subject to the whims of playtime!

Each of these unique sensory toys features a sturdy, hard-plastic body with vibrant brushes attached that are quick to tickle the imagination.

Feel the sun rays as they brush against your cheeks. Let the endless pretend-play possibilities wash over you with your very own cloud pal.

When it comes to playtime inspiration, with the Plui Brushes, the sky's the limit!

Plui Brush by MOLUK

  • Unique brushes designed to inspire pretend-play
  • Encourages sensory exploration, creative thinking, imaginative play
  • Clever design meets the boundlessness of play
  • Features strong, high quality hard plastic body, sturdy yet gentle brushes
  • Includes both sun and raincloud brushes
  • Sun measures 3.5 inches
  • Cloud measures 2.7 inches
  • High quality materials and construction - Lasting durability and safety
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