Rattled 8+

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Ages 8+

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Portable Family Game: Rattles is a fast-paced and challenging word search game. Two players/teams take turns and race to make the longest word possible out of the 8 letters showing; who finds a longer word in 30 seconds wins a point.

All In One Set: The word game includes a handle-shaped game and a 30-second timer.The timer is stored in the handle, and players can record the scores by using the build-in score tracker!

Race To Win: The first player to make a word that s/he wants to go twitch spells the word out loud and turns over the timer. The opponent has to find a longer word in 30 seconds. The player with the longest word scores a point for the round. The first player to score 20 points wins!

Hold, Shake & Put The Game On The Table: Special design for the same random letters appear in the windows on both sides of the game. After each shake, put it on the table and the round starts! Race to find the first longest word!

Rattled is an educational game that promotes critical thinking, word recognition, and spelling training. It is also challenging for adults or family grouped as teams to search words and to win the terms.

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