Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Card Game 8+

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Ages 8+

3-8 Players

10 Minutes

What do the words taco, cat, goat, cheese, and pizza have in common? Nothing, except that's what's chanted as players lay down their cards in this fun frenzy of a card game.

Each player lays one of their cards down face-up and recites the next word in the game's title. If what they say matches the card that they played, it's a free-for-all to slap the card first. The last person to lay their hand on the pile scoops it up and starts a new chant.

It sounds easy, but this game seriously messes with your brain in a way that's frustrating and fun all at once! Watch out for Narwhal, gorilla, and groundhog cards!


  • Fast-paced frenzied card game
  • Match what's said in the circle to the card, and everybody slaps the deck; the last to put their hand down takes the pile
  • Be the first to empty your hand and slap a match to win
  • Includes 64 playing cards and 2 instruction cards
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