Washing Station with Isabella and Lioness 4+

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Age: 5 years and up
Isabella is a horse blogger and budding social media star with a special flair for beauty and fashion. In the wash area at Waterfall Ranch, she captures with her smartphone how she treats her beautiful Lusitano mare Lioness to a clean cool down after riding training. Washing her combable mane and tail, Lioness is especially patient today. She is looking forward to being styled by Isabella, who has again come up with a very special braid for her horse. Of course, Isabella takes a selfie of herself and Lioness at the end!
    Fun Fact: Isabella's father is the inventor of the popular "Waterfall Herbal Lemonade" and she is the only one besides him who knows the secret recipe.
The heart of the versatile new horse world from PLAYMOBIL is the picturesque Waterfall Ranch at the foot of the White Mountains. There, the five best friends Amelia, Isabella, Zoe, Ellie and Ben spend every free minute together with their horses and experience exciting adventures. Horse blogger Isabella is in the process of building up a large social media community. Thanks to her flair for fashion and beauty, she already has a loyal fanbase who follow her and her beloved mare Lioness on a daily basis.
      • Highly detailed horse toy with PLAYMOBIL figure Isabella and her Lusitano mare Lioness, hairbrush, hair clips and many other great accessories for horse care
        • Styling fun for horse fans: the horse's mane and tail can be combed and re-styled again and again
          • All playsets of the new PLAYMOBIL horse world consist on average of over 80% recycled and bio-based materials


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