Zoo Rendezvous 8+

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Ages 8+

Life at the zoo is getting to be a little routine, and the Zoo Crew is hungry for something new!

Their plan: sneak out after closing time, hit the town 'till dawn, and then rendezvous back at the zoo. It's foolproof!

Well... except for the part where they have to sneak past the security crows... That's where YOU come in.

Pick a challenge and set up the zoo animal puzzle pieces on the game board according to the challenge. Then, move the animals off of the puzzle board one at a time.

Here are the rules: The animals can only move from right to left, they can't jump over each other, and after one animal escapes, the next has to be either the same species or the same color.

Think you can solve all 60 puzzles?

Put your brain to the test and give these bored beasts a well-deserved night out with the exciting game of Zoo Rendezvous.

Zoo Rendezvous

  • Brainteaser game of helping zoo animals escape for a night out on the town!
  • Encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, logic, planning skills, sequencing skills
  • Find the right sequence to solve each of the 60 puzzles
  • Puzzles grow more and more difficult
  • Includes 16 wooden meepels, game board, 30 challenge cards, card holder
  • Detailed rule book included
  • High-quality materials and construction - Exceptional gameplay

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